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Eating Whole30 24/7

As promised, here's a sample eating log from the past 24 days. A few basics of the Whole30 before you read this:

Everyone is strongly encouraged to eat three meals a day. A "meal" is constituted of a "palm-size" serving of protein (about 4-6 ozs), 1-2 cups of vegetables, and a "thumb-size" serving of healthy fatsProtein: chicken, pork, beef, seafood, eggsVegetables: everything but potatoes or cornHealthy fat: avocado, most cooking oils (olive, coconut), nuts, seeds, coconut milk Eat something with fat before a workout, and something with protein and starch after a workout.Snacking: you don't do it. Unless it's an emergency. If you do need a snack, you're not eating enough at meals (likely enough protein or healthy fat). Or, if you just have a busy day with several hours between meals, create a mini-meal snack--some protein, veggies, and fat.  So here are a few examples of my meals:

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, roasted sweet pot…

Lucky 7

Seven whole days. That’s all that separates me from a big ole glass of wine.

Yes, I am in the single digits in my Whole30 countdown. *Takes Bow*. I have to say, in the past week or so, this whole thing has kicked into autopilot (just as “they” said it would). I don’t give a second thought to piling my cart with veggies, skimming the ingredients list of products for words like “evaporated cane juice” “soy lecithin” and “carrageenan”, and spending a couple of hours on Sunday chopping, roasting, and simmering.  I’ve “rediscovered” natural treats—like a handful of nuts, a bowl of grapes, or an especially good apple. I was even on the phone with a friend the other night and said “Omg, these grapes are just so good,” I couldn’t help it.
Now this is all well and good. But I can not wait for all my favorite foods again—wine (red wine, in particular), a really good baked good, frozen yogurt.
However, what I don’t really care about surprises me: cheese, bread/grains, throwaway sides like fri…

TV Tuesday: Emmy Edition

It’s no secret that I love me a good awards show. But even I have standards. I don’t watch the VMAs, SAG Awards, People’s Choice, etc. I save my time for the Biggies: Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, and occasionally Tonys (coincidentally, these make up the EGOT quad-fecta for entertainers. Hey, hey Whoopi Goldberg) So I was prettttyyyy excited about an awards show honoring something that takes up much of my time—the Emmys. But, alas, I was disappointed. A few pros and cons before we move on: Pros: ·Mixing it up! Love it when an upset happens or when someone who should have been honored but hasn’t wins when they least expect it: Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad, The Colbert Report, Buster Bluth Tony Hale for Veep. Heck yes, Emmys! ·A bit of whimsy. The Emmys actually looked like fun this year, thanks mostly to the winners. Between Julia Louis-Dreyfus making us laugh again (with help from Buster/Tony), Michael Douglas giving a tipsy and double-entendre-filled speech that made Matt Damon blush and th…

TGIF: Tiptoeing into Fall

So many feelings this week. Starting off with tragedy a few miles from my office is not only a cruel reminder of the world we live in, but also that this city that is sometimes seen as a fortress isn't really.

A few things rounding out the week, hoping for a good weekend:

--A cool, crisp night for the Nats (baseball) game on Tuesday with some girlfriends. So what if we talked more about fashion and fall TV than watched the game? Abe Lincoln won the Presidents' race, and the Nats won the game!

--The Emmy awards this coming Sunday--as my IRL friends know, I'm an awards-show hound, so I'll be watching with snacks (jicama and guacamole? mayhaps . . .)

--Seeing so many friends this weekend! Between birthday parties, football watching, and pre-set plans, I'm going to fill up the friend tank.

--Fall weather making an appearance! I'm wearing pajama pants, riding boots, and light jackets!

--It's also the National Book Festival this weekend? Neat. #ILoveBooks.

Happy …

Livin' on a Prayer

Actually the correct title for this post would be "Whooaaa, we're (over) halfway there!"

Yesiree, today is Day 17 of the Whole 30! In the immortal words of Bon Jovi, "we'll make it, I swear".

As excited as I am at being over halfway done, I'm still conscious that there are 13. Days. Left. AND, I finally started looking at the part of the book for "reintroducing" foods. Essentially, every three days, you reintroduce one of the eliminated food groups for one day. Other than that one food group on that one day, you eat Whole30 compliant meals. So, let's just call this the whole30+reintroduction-which-could-last-another-10-days. *crosses arms, makes pouty face*

BUT, let's not get ahead of ourselves. A few notes about the past 17 days:

The Good:

The food: I really like everything I've made. I'm so full after each meal, that I don't need a mid-morning or afternoon snack. My skin is so smooth! Like I was washing my face and thinkin…

TV Tuesday: Fall Preview

I've been so busy getting into different shows this summer that I didn't realize all my "programs" (to borrow my grandmother's word for TV shows) were coming back on. It's funny to see that three of the shows I'm excited about were additions this summer : The Mindy Project, Scandal, and Parks and Rec. And there aren't many shows I've been watching for many years--with The Office going off, and me giving up Glee and Grey's Anatomy last year, the show I've watched the longest is Parenthood (which, if you're not watching, go get caught up now. It's phenomenal).

Which show are you excited about coming back? Any new shows we should all keep an eye on?

Recipe Round-Up: Whole30 Pt. 1

As promised, I wanted to share a few "recipes" I've made while on this Whole30 journey. I used quotes because some are so simple that calling them recipes is almost laughable (like a recipe for a PB&J). But here are the ones that I've made as well as my feedback:

Easy Paleo Chili: my modification, I don't like green bell peppers, so I threw in a can of Rotel. This is such a rich and hearty chili! And makes about seven heaping portions. #AllAboutTupperware

Egg Bake: my modification--I used sausage links (had to read the ingredients on several before I found one without sugar--really?!) and zucchini. Next time, I'll probably use tomatoes or some other vegetable, the zucchini is a little too water-based and made this casserole hard to set.

Pork Roast: I based this off several recipes online about making pulled pork. One of those "not really a recipe" things. I put a few teaspoons of spices like black pepper, garlic salt, onion power in a little bowl …

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting on my favorite season


The Whole30 Enchilada

After a summer of pizza from Alberto's, seasonal beers, and a trip to Texas (with margaritas, queso, and a LOT of birthday cake), healthy eating had kind of gone out the window. I've done Weight Watchers since 2009, and while it helped with portion control, and overall I like the program, I found that long-term it warped my idea of what was healthy (for example, I should have half a sweet potato rather than a Special K cereal bar, but points-wise it doesn't seem like a better decision). One day I decided to count the calories of what I'd eaten that day (when I was about two or three WW points over for the day) and discovered that I'd eaten around 1,100 calories.


I'm a fairly active person, and do a lot of walking in DC. I know that 1,100 calories is not enough even if I was chilling on the couch all day (if you're curious what that number is for you, look up "basal metabolic rate" or BMR--essentially the amount of calories your body needs to…

TGIF: Friday Friends

I've been so lucky over the past month to see so many friends, both near and far. When I decided to move to DC, leaving my friends in Texas was one of the hardest parts. 

This past month brought many friend reunions--visitors to DC and meet-ups in Texas. From devouring jalapenos at my favorite outdoor bar to a lazy lake weekend, I soaked up friend fun with people who've known me since I was a teenager (going on 10+ years of friendship with some of these folks!)

One of my friends put it best, "New friends are great, but there's nothing like an old friend."

--to ask if you brought your TUMS to happy hour, because jalapenos give you heartburn

--to make queso when you're coming over, because it's a day ending in Y

--to reply to "I'll be in the shower" with "seven minutes, right?"

--to participate in many a singalong in the car

--to not bat an eye when you ask her to fix your eyebrows, just like college

--to think it's totally normal to wal…

Wordless Wednesday: Texas on my mind . . .