Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday is coming up next week, and I like to celebrate for ten days. Before you write me off as a spoiled only child, listen to my reasoning:

About a week out from your birthday, people start saying "Hey, isn't your birthday next week? Happy birthday!" Don't lie, this happens to you. Also, a week prior to your birthday is about as early as you can have a birthday party/dinner/celebration. Any earlier and you're just dragging it out.

So your birthday occurs. BUT, you will continue to get Facebook posts, texts, and "happy belated" wishes from people, up to three days after your birthday (I haven't officially clocked this, but I don't ever recall getting any birthday recognition four days after).

Anyways, here's what I want to get myself for my birthday--the last piece of art I feel I need in my room before I will consider it "finished":

Representing the two states* I've lived in, both of which hold a piece of my heart. Still playing around with color ideas--perhaps blue for Texas and red for DC? (Funny because Texas is definitely a red state, politically, perhaps that's why I like that idea?)

Happy birthday to me!