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I was bemoaning that there were SO many books I wanted to read, but why are books so freakin' expensive? Even on my Kindle (save your judgement), they're not cheap.

Then I walked by this huge building by my office, giving books away. FOR FREE.

So I got a library card. I admit, I was really excited about it. And, y'all, the library has changed since we were visiting in the summer for the latest Boxcar Children (or whatever you read).

I search the catalog online--it tells me which libraries have copies of the book (and if they're in stock or checked out. If they're checked out, it tells me when they're due back). I can put a hold on a book so when it's returned, they'll save it for me.

Now that's all well and good. But here's the best part.

I can check out e-books! Seriously, they have a website that keeps track of the digital books they have copies of, and a few clicks later, a book arrives at my Kindle. Seriously. And if it's a popular book, you request a hold, and they tell you what spot you are on the waiting list (the "worst" is I was 9 out of 12 on the waitlist). Once your copy is available, you have two days to download it. After you download it, you have three weeks to read it. When the three weeks are over, the book disappears from your Kindle. Amazing.

So, here's the latest I've been reading:

Me Talk Pretty One Day (not a library book): I think following The Glass Castle with this book was a bad call, I was in memoir overload, and thought this book was oddly arranged. But still, I'll give additional Sedaris titles a try. 

Bond Girl: summer calls for chic lit! Devil Wears Prada-esque, but a fun beach read. Which I finished after drinking five Diet Cokes in one evening when I was abstaining from alcohol (that's a story for another time . . .)

Wild: as my co-worker called it "The one with the boot on the cover." Yes, another memoir, but just what I needed to get back on the memoir bandwagon. It's a very empowering story, and the movie is supposed to star Reese Witherspoon!

Currently reading: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Another memoir. And rather depressing. But also so good. Has anyone seen the movie?


  1. Me Talk Pretty I thought was hysterical, but memoir overload can be an issue. Have you read Unbroken?

  2. Now that I'm on memoir #5 of the summer ("My Beloved World", Sonia Sotomayor's memoir), I think maybe Sedaris was just a wrong place, wrong time book for me. Is Unbroken the Laura Hildebrand (sp?) book?


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