When it comes to high school reunions, my friends and I fall into two camps: the "hey it'll be fun to go back and see people but really just hang out with the friends I still have and maybe chuckle at a few people who lived their best days in high school" OR "h to the no, I have no interest in paying $$ to feign interest in the lives of people I didn't care to spend a minute catching up with in the past ten years."

Can you guess which camp I fall into?

Now, my college reunion was a completely different story. I had it marked on my calendar at the beginning of the year, and gladly spend $50+ to hang out with my friends and reconnect with old classmates. The nostalgia! The partying! The school spirit!

This is where my parents can feel good about the $$ they paid for me to go to college, vs. the free public high school educational experience. Because college was WAY better.

Do you know how many people I keep in touch with from high school? One. And I don't really count her as a high school friend, as we met when I was three years old and her family moved in across the street. She's also two years older than me, so her reunion was a few years ago. We were roommates at the time, and I remember her saying it wasn't really worth going. And she had gone to school with her classmates since at least seventh grade, and some since kindergarten. I joined the public school system in high school, and then switched groups of friends halfway through, so my "long-lasting" friendships fizzled out by sophomore year of college.

Besides, in the era of Facebook, I really know all I need to know about my classmates, and vice versa. Not to say that I wish ill things on them, but I honestly couldn't care less about reconnecting with them or catching up on their lives. I reject friend requests from people who I know are just friending me out of curiosity (people, my life is not THAT mysterious). The people I'm friends from HS on Facebook are ones that I would cross the food court at the big mall in Dallas to say hello to. (My barometer for accepting/keeping a friend).

So, to the classmates who keep inviting me to join the Facebook page for "A Night to Remember", thanks but no thanks. I'm sure I'll be doing something fun that weekend here in DC, and be a million times happier.


  1. I went to my 10 year, but I could've stayed home. It was lame. I do keep in touch with friends from high school, but I keep in touch with them because I like them. If I wanted to see everyone else in my class than I would have kept in touch with them too! I guess it sounds bitchy, but oh well.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Not bitchy, just the truth. And not begrudging people who are looking forward to their reunions and will get to catch up with people they want to see and have lots of memories with. A few of my friends have had/are having reunions like that, and that's awesome! Just not the majority, haha.


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