TGIF--Sweaty with a Chance of Sunshine

We've officially hit the dog days of summer here in The District. Apparently weather like this started in June last year and continued for two straight months, but we're only supposed to have a few weeks of this. And by "this" I mean temps in the 90s (which I can handle, I'm a Texas girl, 90s are downright pleasant in July) and 99% humidity. Imagine walking out of your office and a hot, wet blanket wraps itself around you. And that the Metro A/C can't keep up. And you walk to the CVS across the street from your apartment and are a hot, sweaty mess by the time you walk inside. Yup.

BUT, it's Friday! So many things to be happy about and share:

--my post about airports in DC did the trick--two friends have now booked trips to visit before Labor Day! Huzzah!

--Excited to listen to live music and eat some "real" Texas BBQ this weekend. Speaking of, the Smithsonian has an interesting article about the evolution of the different types of barbecue in the U.S. However, I think it barely scratches the surface, so I may have to find a book on BBQ to quench my curiosity.

--Fro yo Friday has taken off in my office (and on my instagram feed), but will Uber steal my heart today?

--My first "movie outside" event will take place Monday when "E.T." plays on the National Mall. 'Merica!

--Deciding to run a half-marathon in 2014. I know, why not run one this year? However, the last one occurs in this fair city in September, so I could either travel for one (meh) or just run the Rock-N-Roll one in March. Winner winner chicken dinner.

--Deciding to jump on "The Mindy Project" bandwagon and oh-so-glad I did. I think I spend a lot of time saying "this is my life" while watching. Cheers to relatable females leads on TV!

Happy weekend, all!