TGIF--America's Birthday Edition

You may be wondering why this says TGIF on a mere Wednesday. Well, my company REALLY values America's b-day, and we get Friday off!! Factor in the fact that I took Monday and Tuesday off for la madre's visit, and I have a Monday+Friday (Fronday?).

So here are few things to get this loooooong weekend started off right:

--Apparently this is a thing: The Running of the Interns.

--In case you haven't gotten on the Friday Night Lights bandwagon yet (and what are you waiting for?!?!? that's another post altogether), the awesomeness of Tami Taylor alone should make you want to watch. One of my friends said that Tami Taylor is everything she wants to be in a wife/mother, and I have to agree. WWTTD? (Also, read this profile of Connie Britton. The only reason I watch Nashville is because I want her to succeed in life).

--Tried some DELICIOUS restaurants with la madre, full recap coming post-haste.

--All the celebrations for the Fourth of July, and a pretty much deserted city to boot (so much parking! huzzah!)

--Not sure if this is a plus or minus, but I slept in Kim Kardashian's old bedroom last week. Um, ok (it may have been a guest room, the room was enormous, but the bathroom and dressing area were the real stars of the show. #upgrade #firstroomsmelledlikepot)

--Sometimes I feel the need to have a "last word" or close the loop on something. But sometimes, I need to remember that it's not necessary or helpful:

So happy birthday eve, America!! You don't look a day over 220!