Sunday Cinco

This would normally have been a TGIF post, but a five-day work week following a one-day work week is the pits.

So here are few things to get you through the weekend (or, if we're being honest, the Monday that you're probably reading this on):

--What Not to Wear is leaving us in October. I don't watch this show as religiously as I used to, but I loved everything about it (both shallow and deep). A lot of the time, Clinton and Stacy were able to get to the crux of why someone was dressing poorly. This wrap-up reel reminds you of the good times.

--This has gone slightly viral, but Dustin Hoffman totally loses it when talking about making the movie Tootsie (Cliff Notes version, he dresses up as a woman for a job). The realization he has about society and the standards women are held to is a bit touching and eye-opening.

--We've all been inundated with complaining about "millenials". This cartoon defends us and makes some good points. My favorite line is the last one: "Stop hating on the millenials. We didn't create this mess, we came late to the banquet and were served up crumbs."

--Buzzfeed sometimes thinks it's too clever, and NPR recently took it to task for a list of books that are "red flags" about someone if they list it as their favorite. After all, what's wrong with loving Pride & Prejudice?

--All the JCrew mannequins seem to have perfectly rolled sleeves--and of course a blog has a tutorial on how to accomplish this look.