Flee to Suburbia

I'm determined to make the most of life in my favorite city, so I'm constantly looking for fun (and free) things to do. Now that it's summer, lots of neighborhoods are having outdoor movies in parks and plazas.

So last night, Despicable Me was playing in an "emerging" neighborhood called Noma (North of Massachusetts). A friend and I were all excited about giggling over minions and eating snacks.

I took the bus to get to said location, a bus line I'd never taken before. I was mentally patting myself on the back for tackling a new bus line when I noticed we got further and further into, um, unsavory areas. Pawn shops, abandoned houses, etc. We get to my stop and I make the decision for my own safety to not get off the bus. However, I obviously can't stay on the bus forever, so at the next stop I disembark, only because there's a police officer parked at the corner.

By this time, my friend who was meeting me is texting me that he is driving around looking for a place to park, and doesn't really want to park his car in this area. Turns out the movie was being held in a housing project. Nothing against housing projects, but in DC, you know enough to not hang around them at night, which is when this movie would end.

So while staying on the phone, directing my friend how to pick me up, we finally connect and I jump into the backseat of his car and we count our blessings that we are getting out of this area. Determined to not let the night go to waste (I mean, I'd bought snacks and everything), we decided to go see The Heat. The only showing we could make was in far Northwest DC at the shops at Friendship Heights. Now, this is about as far of a 180 you can get in DC--we were going from a housing project to a movie theater down the street from the Vice President's house.

This may be one of those stories that is only funny to us, but we spent the entire evening spontaneously cracking up over the turn our night had taken. And the fact that we had to text anyone had mentioned meeting us at the outdoor movie that we had "aborted the situation" and were now ensconced at a movie theater amongst million dollar houses, with Saks Fifth Avenue as a next door neighbor. #SorryWe'reNotSorry