A Night with a Knight

I don't profess to be a concert afficianado. I'm pretty easy to please (if I'm spending the money for a concert ticket, odds are my blind love of the artist is strong enough that simply seeing them in person will make it worth it). But I think that the Paul McCartney concert on Friday night will be one of the top five concerts of my life.

I'm a fan of The Beatles (like most people are). My car is named after one of their songs (as is my Twitter handle) and Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite songs of all time (sidenote: I will likely name a dog of mine Rigby).

Despite being at Nats Stadium, the concert felt shockingly intimate--as if we happened by Paul's garage and he was jamming and asked us to stay. It didn't feel at all staged and rehearsed, just casual and fun.

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My Top Takeaways:

--Sat next to a cute family--their son (seven years old) had seen Sir Paul FIVE TIMES. I was so jealous and impressed.
--Yes, I will get teary-eyed when in the presence of a former Beatle. It happened in song three or four (All My Loving)
--Stories make the song. I will always appreciate "Something" because of the story he shared.
--True love is true love. He dedicated "Maybe I'm Amazed" to his deceased wife. Though he's happily married now, she was his true love.
--Crankypants McGees will be everywhere. So it was raining initially and the concert started late. When do concerts start on time?
--Sign I'm getting older--I was really happy to be able to sit down for much of the concert.
--Sign Sir Paul doesn't let getting older stop him--he performed for two hours without so much as a water break. Then did two encores. #humbled

I leave you with a video of Paul singing a goodie: