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Sometimes The Mindy Project has the best life wisdom. Like this gem:

I'm so lucky to have the greatest people ever on this tier.

DC Eats

I've had a list on my phone of restaurants to try in DC (it is WAY long). For awhile whenever I met people, I would ask them what restaurants I would try (not in the nerdy way it sounds). So I've eaten at several places that are now on my "must-return list":

Crios: While this is Mexican food and it won't replace any of my Dallas places, it is good for margs and queso. When you need it, it's there. Even if you don't remember how you got there . . .

Ted's Bulletin: By far one of the best brunches I've had in a long time--started off with an adult milkshake (dessert first, yup) had a delicious lamb burger, and the company was stellar.

Hank's Oyster Bar: don't like oysters, but I like lobster. And they have a killer lobster roll.

Mintwood Place: one of the only times I've instagrammed a meal--the Hangover Helper here is AMAZING. And intimidating. As in I ate maybe a third of it.

Zorba's: wine by the carafe,  pita, hummus, Greek goodnes…

Keep Looking Up

I posted a few months ago about being so far away from Texas when the West explosion happened. Being surrounded by people who didn't know where West was or how it was a special place on my map of Texas.

The same thing happened this weekend when I saw on Facebook that Kidd Kraddick had died suddenly. To say he was a morning DJ was really too simple--he was part of the Dallas culture and tapestry. I showed the Facebook post to a friend I was with, who went to college with me in Texas, expecting shock from her. Instead she asked who he was.

This blog post sums up what I would want to say better than I could. I feel like this girl is my Kidd Kraddick twin.

I will share one interaction I had with Kidd, when I was in seventh grade. My class had gone to lunch at a Mexican food restaurant to practice our Spanish (seriously, this was the field trip) and Kidd, Kelley, and Al were a few tables away. We were all starstruck, and kept running to the restroom because we had to pass their table t…

TGIF--Sweaty with a Chance of Sunshine

We've officially hit the dog days of summer here in The District. Apparently weather like this started in June last year and continued for two straight months, but we're only supposed to have a few weeks of this. And by "this" I mean temps in the 90s (which I can handle, I'm a Texas girl, 90s are downright pleasant in July) and 99% humidity. Imagine walking out of your office and a hot, wet blanket wraps itself around you. And that the Metro A/C can't keep up. And you walk to the CVS across the street from your apartment and are a hot, sweaty mess by the time you walk inside. Yup.

BUT, it's Friday! So many things to be happy about and share:

--my post about airports in DC did the trick--two friends have now booked trips to visit before Labor Day! Huzzah!

--Excited to listen to live music and eat some "real" Texas BBQ this weekend. Speaking of, the Smithsonian has an interesting article about the evolution of the different types of barbecue in th…

A Night with a Knight

I don't profess to be a concert afficianado. I'm pretty easy to please (if I'm spending the money for a concert ticket, odds are my blind love of the artist is strong enough that simply seeing them in person will make it worth it). But I think that the Paul McCartney concert on Friday night will be one of the top five concerts of my life.

I'm a fan of The Beatles (like most people are). My car is named after one of their songs (as is my Twitter handle) and Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite songs of all time (sidenote: I will likely name a dog of mine Rigby).

Despite being at Nats Stadium, the concert felt shockingly intimate--as if we happened by Paul's garage and he was jamming and asked us to stay. It didn't feel at all staged and rehearsed, just casual and fun.

Washington Post review

DCist Review

My Top Takeaways:

--Sat next to a cute family--their son (seven years old) had seen Sir Paul FIVE TIMES. I was so jealous and impressed.
--Yes, I will get teary-eye…

Sunday Cinco

This would normally have been a TGIF post, but a five-day work week following a one-day work week is the pits.

So here are few things to get you through the weekend (or, if we're being honest, the Monday that you're probably reading this on):

--What Not to Wear is leaving us in October. I don't watch this show as religiously as I used to, but I loved everything about it (both shallow and deep). A lot of the time, Clinton and Stacy were able to get to the crux of why someone was dressing poorly. This wrap-up reel reminds you of the good times.

--This has gone slightly viral, but Dustin Hoffman totally loses it when talking about making the movie Tootsie (Cliff Notes version, he dresses up as a woman for a job). The realization he has about society and the standards women are held to is a bit touching and eye-opening.

--We've all been inundated with complaining about "millenials". This cartoon defends us and makes some good points. My favorite line is the last …

Flee to Suburbia

I'm determined to make the most of life in my favorite city, so I'm constantly looking for fun (and free) things to do. Now that it's summer, lots of neighborhoods are having outdoor movies in parks and plazas.

So last night, Despicable Me was playing in an "emerging" neighborhood called Noma (North of Massachusetts). A friend and I were all excited about giggling over minions and eating snacks.

I took the bus to get to said location, a bus line I'd never taken before. I was mentally patting myself on the back for tackling a new bus line when I noticed we got further and further into, um, unsavory areas. Pawn shops, abandoned houses, etc. We get to my stop and I make the decision for my own safety to not get off the bus. However, I obviously can't stay on the bus forever, so at the next stop I disembark, only because there's a police officer parked at the corner.

By this time, my friend who was meeting me is texting me that he is driving around lookin…

TGIF--America's Birthday Edition

You may be wondering why this says TGIF on a mere Wednesday. Well, my company REALLY values America's b-day, and we get Friday off!! Factor in the fact that I took Monday and Tuesday off for la madre's visit, and I have a Monday+Friday (Fronday?).

So here are few things to get this loooooong weekend started off right:

--Apparently this is a thing: The Running of the Interns.

--In case you haven't gotten on the Friday Night Lights bandwagon yet (and what are you waiting for?!?!? that's another post altogether), the awesomeness of Tami Taylor alone should make you want to watch. One of my friends said that Tami Taylor is everything she wants to be in a wife/mother, and I have to agree. WWTTD? (Also, read this profile of Connie Britton. The only reason I watch Nashville is because I want her to succeed in life).

--Tried some DELICIOUS restaurants with la madre, full recap coming post-haste.

--All the celebrations for the Fourth of July, and a pretty much deserted…