TGIF: It's the Freakin' Weekend . . .

I don't know if a weekend has been more necessary than this one--so it's definitely TGIF time:

--how am I typing this, you ask? Yes, my computer has returned to my life. If it cost any more to fix, I would have ditched her. (do you hear that, Minerva? You were almost dead to me) (Yes, I named my laptop after a Harry Potter character) (stop laughing)

--wondering how this weekend's nightlife can top last weekend's H Street bar crawl. My friends are so nice to indulge my "new to DC" whims and put together an awesome list of bars for us to hit up in a fun part of town last Saturday. Made it to bed around 4 a.m. And woke up at 10. Le sigh, needs more sleep.

--so glad I knocked one of my DC to-do list items off last weekend when I went kayaking on the Potomac. Beautiful weather, and got an arm workout!

--thinking of a Facebook album title for this summer. I have photos to share and no inspiration. Ugh.

--wishing that the new Arrested Development shows were good. I'm six-ish episodes in and overall they're disappointing, with a few being TERRIBLE. Fingers crossed for the other episodes.

--relishing all the sleep I've been getting lately. A solid 8 hrs every night during the week. Weekends are a toss-up, but still, feeling rested is pretty awesome.

--finally downloaded some new tunes to get me through this beautiful summer. I'll leave you with one of them now:

Happy Friday, All! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love made up bar crawls. We did one years ago that we named "hogs and dogs." Went to bars in NYC that had to do with pigs and dogs. Classy.

  2. Ha! Love the thought of a themed bar crawl! And one of the ones we hit up was called The Pug, would have fit right in with Hogs and Dogs :-)


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