TGIF: The Best Laid Plans

So I was all excited for posts I had planned--photos! Witty commentary on riding the Metro! How to fly out of DC airports (thrilling!). But my computer had other ideas, so she's in rehab at the moment and I'm torn as to how to post all the goodness I have to share.

So for today, a TGIF list:

First--I'm NOT thankful for--the current rain, rained-out Nats game last night (twas to be my first one!), dropping benjamins to get my car registered in this fair city, the pair of JCrew shorts that got all weird and discolored in the wash, and the fact that I REALLY need blackout curtains.

But enough Debbie Downer 

Things that are AWESOME this Friday:

--a jam-packed weekend including wine, the annual PRIDE parade and associated festivities, and hopefully some rooftop deck time.

--Being allllllll caught up on Game of Thrones (so what if the roommate and I stayed up til midnight two nights in a row to watch all nine episodes of season 3? I'll sleep when I'm dead). Now, for the first time ever, I get to watch an episode of GoT when it actually airs this Sunday. I'm so now. 

--Make ressies at (too) many restaurants for when the madre visits at the end of the month. It will invovle many a Top Chef restaurant.

--Rooftop pool time when the madre visits, because her hotel HAS ONE. #YesPlease #ItWillBeHumid

--A friend having a BABY! She hasn't made it public yet, but I know she reads this, so yay for you-know-who-you-are :-)

--Slowly coming together on plans for a trip to Europe with the rents this fall. Fingers crossed!!

--Finally getting a personal budget going that feels manageable. However, now that my computer is on the DL, I'm thinking I need to switch to online budgeting like Has anyone used this and had a good experience?

Stay classy, kids. 


  1. Nats games are so much fun!

    And I cannot believe how the last episode of GoT ended. I just about died...

    Yayee for Europe!

  2. We've used in the past, kind of let it lapse but I think you'd like it. And yay for whoever is having a baby - can't wait to hear who that is!!

    Where are you guys thinking about going in Europe?? And can I fit in your suitcase??

  3. That's two votes for Mint! I set it up this weekend, and so far so good, though it categorizes things in ways I'm not keen on. I think it will take about a month for it to "learn my ways".


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