On the Bookshelf

In the past few years, I feel like I never have time to read books unless I'm on vacation. But I've had the chance to knock out a few tomes since the beginning of the year. So, here's a peek at the pile of books on the floor by my bed (I'm not going to act like I have a grand bookcase, if I'm reading a book or have read it recently, it's on the floor by my bed).

Game Change

If you've caught the HBO movie with this name, you know half of this book--all about Sarah Palin and John McCain's campaign. However, the other half of the book is the more fascinating part--the run up to Obama securing the Democratic nomination. Everything that happened between him and Hillary Clinton, and how she almost didn't accept the nomination of Secretary of State.

Firefly Lane

Have you seen the movie Beaches? Then you've pretty much read this book. Too bad I didn't figure this out until I was almost done. Still, not a bad read. 


The Book Thief

 In the past few years, I've been very pleasantly surprised by young adult fiction--The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and now, The Book Thief. It's this generation's Number the Stars, about a girl being raised by a foster family in Nazi Germany. It's heart-breakingly good, and a different take on WWII from the perspective of Germans (as in, life wasn't great for those in Germany either, the Nazis made everyone's lives hell and blamed the races they were persecuting.)

The Glass Castle

Many books I've rushed through reading because I'm dying for the resolution at the end. These are usually books involving crime, and I can't wait for the "bad guys" to get their justice. In Cold Blood is a perfect example--I couldn't wait for the two murderers to get arrested. The Lovely Bones is another, you know who the murderer is, everyone does, and you just know he'll get what's coming to him. I read The Glass Castle with the same fervor--yet it's a memoir of the author's life. And let me say, if you thought your family was dysfunctional, it was a cake walk compared to the destitute and delusional upbringing the author faced. It's a story of resilience that makes a bad week or year in your life like a blip on the radar. Don't let this depressing synopsis sway you from the book, it's a must-read.

The stack for the next batch includes Me Talk Pretty One Day, The Paris Wife, and This is Where I Leave You. Stay tuned for the next big hit :-)


  1. Ugh, I felt the same way about Firefly Lane. Think I didn't even finish it. The Glass Castle has been highly recommended to me, so I think I need to pick that one up next!

    I loved Me Talk Pretty One Day, but I've always been a big David Sedaris fan. Was kind of disappointed in The Paris Wife - not the writing itself, but I guess the main character was frustrating for me. Still a fairly interesting read.

    I think you might like one I read last year: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (author of Seabiscuit). It's non-fiction and a little slow in the beginning, but it's really an amazing story of a US POW in Japan during WWII. Really ended up liking it a lot even though it's not my usual thing.

  2. I may have to get on the Unbroken bandwagon--I'm almost afraid it's been overhyped for me now, but should give it a try. The Glass Castle is also a quick read! Now if only we still lived close to each other, we could lend each other these books (sorry to be Debbie Downer . . . yay books!)


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