TV Tuesday Part II: There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

I'd be remiss in all this TV-fandomness I've been blogging about if I didn't mention the infamous Bluth Family, chronicled on Arrested Development.

Sadly, I did not watch this show when it aired originally, if only many of us had it could have stayed on infinitely instead of airing 50something perfect episodes.

To me, this is an example of a TV show being too smart for the current TV audience. It's definitely a comedy, but not the type of comedy that people expected to find on FOX in 2003. Maybe it would have done better on FX or HBO, but the style of show paved the way for current comedic hits like Modern Family.

I'm also heartened by the fact that, due to rabid fan interest and pleading, the show is actually coming back for 15 episodes. This has never. happened. before. Think of any TV show you ever watched. Once it ended, it ended. However, thanks to DVDs, Netflix, and fans making their friends watch this (Thanks, A&T!), it's fan base is passionate and vocal, and we get 15 more episodes of illusions from Gob, giggles from Buster, and inside jokes (do you think Mrs. Featherbottom is available to clean my apartment?)

I don't have an answer for the snarkers who say that much of the AD obsession stems from hipsters or people who think its "cool" to like Arrested Development. I think it's cool to like AD because the show is And anyone who's watched three or four episodes will attest to the same.

Now, a barrage of links to get you excited for Saturday's release:

--The New York Times is interviewing various actors from the show, starting with Jason Bateman.

--A list of the running gags on the show

--30 signs you're obsessed with AD (#28 is true of any AD fan)

--My favorite episode

--The cast picks their favorite moments.

--My favorite quote

If you'll excuse me, I'll be picking up scones for the Wee Britain episodes. Mind the poppins.


  1. I think I need to watch this. Everyone always talks about it and I am in the dark!

  2. I can't wait!! Wish I had time for a marathon of all the old episodes this weekend, but sadly I'm forced to leave the house and be social...


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