The Simple Joys

Sometimes the most mundane things can make you giddy for a few minutes. Sometimes it's the Christmas cups at Starbucks making their first appearance or turning the TV on right when your favorite movie starts (I wouldn't know, my cable has been out since Thursday. Comcast is NOT one of my simple joys).

However, here are the things that have brightened my day recently:

--A lovely trip to OTA, catching up with a college friend and reconnecting with a cousin. 

--The deep dish pizza from the pizza place by my apartment. It was a revelation to me and my roommate, and was gone by Sunday evening (we ordered it on Saturday).

--This tinted moisturizer. My face feels so light!

--The Montana State Society Royal Ball. I'll let you read the details for yourself. 

--The band at said Royal Ball playing the best country tunes ever. I hit the dancefloor when Sweet Home Alabama started playing and my college friend was jumping in the air in front of the stage waving me over. #JustLikeCollege 

--Eating BBQ for the first time in the DC area. It was pretty decent.

--Driving through Foggy Bottom on Sunday and seeing all the GWU grads. Made me very nostalgic for my own college graduation (which was SIX years ago, ugh).

--My five-mile run on Saturday. Longest distance I've run since last September when I messed up my right shins/ankle/calf. Was only supposed to be a three-mile run, but I may have gotten a little lost . . . #I'mNewHere #AtLeastISawTheLincolnMemorial

--Driving back from Alexandria yesterday afternoon on I-395, I came around a curve to a beautiful view of the National Mall. It was so unexpected (I had no idea where I was in conjunction to DC), that I actually gasped. I'm still surprised that I live here.

The bridge into Arlington, VA behind the Lincoln Memorial.