TGIF: NYC and Back

I'm a bit droopy today as I had a last minute biz trip to NYC yesterday, and chose to take the 7 a.m. train in and the 4 p.m. train back. Yowza, that makes for an exhausting day after. Still, I love how close I am to NYC and hope to make it up there to visit for fun soon!

So, given my exhaustion and the fact that caffeine appears to be taking a holiday as soon as I ingest it, I am most grateful that today is Friday. And for these things:

-- all the Derby de Mayo fun that will be taking place this weekend. Going to a few combo events, so I think I need a derby hat to add to my fashion ensemble.

--Getting a massage. I've finally given myself permission to spend the $$ and have my first DC massage. It is so necessary . . . probably won't happen until next week, but still . . . looking forward to having the knots from the past two  months worked out

--Skype/FaceTime dates: Loving that I get to "see" family and friends from around the country. As I said at one point this week "Distance is only as big a deal as you make," I especially love getting to see my parents' dog, who I get to see in person in less than a month! He went to his first doggy obedience class this week, where he was apparently the most chill dog there (before he nipped at the instructor, that is).

--The "I Love NY" posts from Blair's Headband. She's celebrating her five-year anniversary of living in the Big Apple by sharing her tips and loves of the city.

I leave you with the view from the patio of the ad agency I had a meeting at yesterday. Not too shabby.