TGIF: International Edition

Hurray for another weekend! This weekend I'm finally starting to do some of the "DC things" I've been meaning to do now that I live here. So without further ado:

--EU Embassy Tour! Each year, all the embassies host open houses with free food and learnin' about their culture. Saturday is the EU Embassy day, so I've mapped out a route to hit up all the good ones before they get crowded. I think of it kind of like Epcot and plan to drink my way around the world. In a classy way.

--Eastern Market Day. Spending a day shopping and sampling food, perhaps picking a few things up for the apartment. Aaaaannddd hanging with a sorority sister. Yes, please.

--Going to a fancy benefit for work on Saturday. I will be on Ugly Hollywood watch, hopefully I'll have some sightings to share!

Céad Míle Fáilte (A hundred thousand welcomes in Gaelic)