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Link Love

So many things to post about, but for now, a few things to read on your own:

A list of some of the funnier and more random gifts given to elected officials

My TV critic soul mate's review of the new season of Arrested Development (haven't watched yet, so haven't read it).

Want to be cooler? Start reading NPR's Monkey See blog. You'll learn so much and not even know it.

Curious about this beer. Sounds tempting, but will I ever stray from my favorite beer of all time?

TV Tuesday Part II: There's Always Money in the Banana Stand

I'd be remiss in all this TV-fandomness I've been blogging about if I didn't mention the infamous Bluth Family, chronicled on Arrested Development.

Sadly, I did not watch this show when it aired originally, if only many of us had it could have stayed on infinitely instead of airing 50something perfect episodes.

To me, this is an example of a TV show being too smart for the current TV audience. It's definitely a comedy, but not the type of comedy that people expected to find on FOX in 2003. Maybe it would have done better on FX or HBO, but the style of show paved the way for current comedic hits like Modern Family.

I'm also heartened by the fact that, due to rabid fan interest and pleading, the show is actually coming back for 15 episodes. This has never. happened. before. Think of any TV show you ever watched. Once it ended, it ended. However, thanks to DVDs, Netflix, and fans making their friends watch this (Thanks, A&T!), it's fan base is passionate and v…

TV Tuesday Part Uno: Adios, Stefan

I haven't watched SNL from this past weekend (was too busy eating bull testicles and drinking unlimited Crown), but I must acknowledge the departure of Bill Heder, who's had some of my favorite roles on the show during his tenure.

Vulture compiles all of his impersonations here.

And my favorite Bill Heder skit ever: I Drink Your Milkshake (I really hope you've seen There Will Be Blood--and No Country for Old Men for that matter, or else this video isn't nearly as good)

Here's hoping I'll know the code word to get into Heeeyyyy when the bouncer, a hounddog named Wilfred Brimley, asks for it (hint: It's diabeetus)

The Simple Joys

Sometimes the most mundane things can make you giddy for a few minutes. Sometimes it's the Christmas cups at Starbucks making their first appearance or turning the TV on right when your favorite movie starts (I wouldn't know, my cable has been out since Thursday. Comcast is NOT one of my simple joys).

However, here are the things that have brightened my day recently:

--A lovely trip to OTA, catching up with a college friend and reconnecting with a cousin. 

--The deep dish pizza from the pizza place by my apartment. It was a revelation to me and my roommate, and was gone by Sunday evening (we ordered it on Saturday).

--This tinted moisturizer. My face feels so light!

--The Montana State Society Royal Ball. I'll let you read the details for yourself. 

--The band at said Royal Ball playing the best country tunes ever. I hit the dancefloor when Sweet Home Alabama started playing and my college friend was jumping in the air in front of the stage waving me over. #JustLikeCollege 


A Fond Farewell: The Office

Tonight the office ends it's run after nine seasons. I didn't start watching the show until the fourth season, but quickly caught up on seasons 1-3 (I remember watching season 2 in two days, didn't get a whole lot else accomplished that weekend). What I loved about the show was how normal everything was. The show was about people working in an office. No big celebrity headlined the show (remember, Steve Carrell was "that guy from The Daily Show"), they didn't work in a glamorous industry, and the people themselves weren't glamorous. Yet it was one of my favorite shows, partially because it was part of Thursday night TV watching with my girlfriends, and partially because it was so relatable. While I haven't had a co-worker who owned a beet farm or a boss who burned his foot on a George Foreman grill, it was easy to see parallels in my life (especially since my old company had several dating and married couples working there, though none could compete w…

Wordless Wednesday: It's On


TGIF: International Edition

Hurray for another weekend! This weekend I'm finally starting to do some of the "DC things" I've been meaning to do now that I live here. So without further ado:

--EU Embassy Tour! Each year, all the embassies host open houses with free food and learnin' about their culture. Saturday is the EU Embassy day, so I've mapped out a route to hit up all the good ones before they get crowded. I think of it kind of like Epcot and plan to drink my way around the world. In a classy way.

--Eastern Market Day. Spending a day shopping and sampling food, perhaps picking a few things up for the apartment. Aaaaannddd hanging with a sorority sister. Yes, please.

--Going to a fancy benefit for work on Saturday. I will be on Ugly Hollywood watch, hopefully I'll have some sightings to share!

Céad Míle Fáilte (A hundred thousand welcomes in Gaelic)

The Happiest of Hours

Happy hour is sometimes the best part of the day. In DC, happy hours are abundant--every restaurant has some sort of deal for the Washington power players to unwind at the end of the day (and for those of us who appreciate a cheap glass of wine).

However, several restaurants around here are committing several Happy Hour Faux Pas, making it more of a Pleasant Hour:

1. Timing: In DC, most people don't leave work until 6 (at the earliest), so a happy hour ending at 7 gives most of us maybe one drink before we're paying $12 for that vodka soda. One of my favorite happy hour destinations ends their specials at 6:30!!!! If they didn't have $9 mussels and a fantastic beer selection, I wouldn't frequent this place ever. But I can make the happy hour special on Fridays at least.

2. The Deals: $1 off an $8 glass of wine isn't going to get me into your restaurant. Half price needs to be on the deal board somewhere, and if you're listing prices, nothing should be over $5. …

TGIF: NYC and Back

I'm a bit droopy today as I had a last minute biz trip to NYC yesterday, and chose to take the 7 a.m. train in and the 4 p.m. train back. Yowza, that makes for an exhausting day after. Still, I love how close I am to NYC and hope to make it up there to visit for fun soon!

So, given my exhaustion and the fact that caffeine appears to be taking a holiday as soon as I ingest it, I am most grateful that today is Friday. And for these things:

-- all the Derby de Mayo fun that will be taking place this weekend. Going to a few combo events, so I think I need a derby hat to add to my fashion ensemble.

--Getting a massage. I've finally given myself permission to spend the $$ and have my first DC massage. It is so necessary . . . probably won't happen until next week, but still . . . looking forward to having the knots from the past two  months worked out

--Skype/FaceTime dates: Loving that I get to "see" family and friends from around the country. As I said at one point t…