When Good Shows Go Bad

Recently, Whitney over at Pop Candy talked about when to give up on a TV show. I used to stick with TV shows until the bitter end, way longer than anyone else. Whitney gives reasons why she gives up on a show--the original cast leaves, they randomly bring in long-lost relatives (who are usually children), the writing gets crazy, etc.

But of late, I've given up some shows that I used to be OBSESSED with:

The Office: I started watching The Office in season 3, and caught up on the first two seasons quickly. I was a total JAM fanatic (cried at their wedding), had favorite episodes (The Return, Email Surveillance, Office Olympics), and knew the correct conversion of Schrute bucks to Stanley Nickels (the same as unicorns to leprechauns, duh). But the show slowly went downhill. It started before Michael left, but sped up quickly the season after. Suddenly I had eight episodes piled up in my DVR and watching them felt like a chore. I kind of wanted to leave the show before it got REALLY bad--so I bid a fond farewell to good people of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Grey's Anatomy: I was an early adopter to Grey's.Watched it religiously every Sunday (remember when it was on Sundays?!) in my sorority house and every Thursday with a group of friends once we graduated. I stuck with it longer than anyone, through the fires, shootings, deaths of major characters (seriously, can't ONE person's parent live?!), and weddings (those that did and didn't happen). However, I've decided that Shonda Rhimes doesn't want her characters to be happy. These people have survived a ferry accident, active shooter, bomb in a body, the plague in the hospital, and . . . I'm sure I'm forgetting something. However, at the end of the season in 2012, most of the main characters were in a plane crash. And of course, two characters died. That was the end for me (and Mark and Lexi) and Grey's. I realized that it wasn't writing, it was the slow purge of all the characters in a heartbreaking manner. Since I'm not a masochist, Grey's got the axe.

Glee: I have a Glee t-shirt, a huge poster, and was a Cheerio for Halloween. But if we're being honest, the last episodes I liked were from the first part of the FIRST season. Almost four years ago. Yeah. So when the original kids graduated and the atrocious Grease episode aired, I gave up on waiting for Mr. Schu and Emma to get married, to waiting for the next mash-up, and to posting a line from Brittany as my Facebook status.