With the arrival of the rest of the furniture for the apartment, and settling into my new (and awesome) commute to work, I've got a lot of things I'm lovin' this week:

--um, the previously mentioned furniture. We no longer look like we're running a tap dance studio.

--the air conditioning being turned on by my apartment building. Having your utilities paid=awesome. Having no control over when the heat is switched to A/C=not awesome. Especially when its 86 inside your apartment and your make-up starts to melt. But we're focusing on the A/C being turned on part. Yay!

--my first sighting of Sam Adams Summer Ale!!! I'd already chosen a glass of sangria when I saw this, but I'm SO EXCITED my favorite beer is now being stocked.

--Buying a ticket to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert in July. I dropped the ball in 2009 when he last toured and it was sold out by the time I tried to buy tickets. Now I have an American Express card which lets me buy tickets to select concerts ahead of time. Cue me frantically searching for a good seat at 10:01 a.m. on Tuesday.

--Along with the above "love", I started a Paul McCartney/The Beatles Pandora station. It. Is. Mind-blowing. So much CCR, Pink Floyd, and other oldies. Today a co-worker had to poke me to get my attention, my response was "Sorry, I was listening to Led Zeppelin." Stairway to Heaven requires a time investment, yo.

--going to IKEA this weekend with the roommate to buy all the little things we need for the place. Like carpeting. Since our place is all wood/parquet floor, we have to carpet 75% of it to reduce noise (or essentially, carpet where we walk the most). So we're going to IKEA to trick the rest of our place out. How much can we cram into my Honda Civic? Hopefully we have enough space for some meatballs.

--Parks and Rec. This was my "move-in" show (shout-out to Coop, who started the "move" show tradition with me. We got caught up on many a TV show while moving in and out of the sorority house). Now on season 3 and wondering why I haven't been watching this show for the past four year. Love it so much. It kills me when they rag on Jerry, he might be my favorite character.

What are you lovin' this week? (Keep it clean, kids).

(P.S. Cherry blossom photos coming next week. Get excited. For reals.)