Taking the Plunge

Typically "taking the plunge" means getting married. But honestly, I don't know if getting married will rank above the monumental change I made a month ago.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX--went to college there, the whole nine yards. But starting somewhere in late high school to late college (I'm a little fuzzy on exactly when . . .) I had this nagging love of DC. One of my favorite TV shows is The West Wing (oh, there will likely be many a WW reference at times), one of my favorite movies is The American President (I'll be in the Roosevelt Room, giving Louis oxygen). If I met someone from DC or a friend was visiting DC, I would talk their ear off. All these things really just held me over until I could visit DC again. 

DC is a livable New York, in my opinion. Everything I love about New York--the hustle and bustle, the restaurants, the culture, the people--is on a manageable scale in this city. Add in my love of history (and I mean looooooove of history) and politics (which I am hot and cold about . . . le sigh), and DC was blinking at me like a big green light. 

I thought I would stay in Dallas for a few years post-college, build up my savings and get a few years at a job on my resume, and then make the move. But you know how it goes--time flies. Suddenly I looked up and I was five years out of college, wondering where my DC plans went. I told one of my best friends that I was truly disappointed in myself that I'd allowed my dream to become waylaid and really hadn't made any attempt to achieve it. She pointed out that, yes, while I hadn't moved to DC, it's not like I spent five years wasting my life away. 

And she was so right. I wouldn't trade those five years for anything. I continued wonderful friendships I'd made in college, made new and awesome friends, took stellar vacations, watched friends get married, and made that inevitable transition to being the Adult Child of my parents (when you're an Only Child, it's the toughest transition to make). 

Still, this dream was hanging over my head, tapping me on the shoulder, and essentially keeping me up at night. So after a lot of soul-searching, praying, and heart-to-hearts with people and myself--I knew I had to make it happen.

I can't say I wasn't scared to death the entire time. Pretty much was. Scared that I wouldn't find a job. Scared that my current job would find out I was job-hunting and fire me. Scared I wouldn't get paid enough to survive. Scared I wouldn't find a place to live. Scared I couldn't handle being far away from my best friends and my family. And a lot of these fears are still here. But, what's risk without a little fear?
So, here we are. Living in my favorite city for almost a month. Finally have a permanent place to live. Finally getting into my groove at my job. Finally starting to make a home for myself in this city.
Finally. It was only ten years in the making. 


  1. So proud of you, LO! Can't wait to keep up with you and all the AMAZING adventures you'll have in the city you were always meant to call home one day. :) Love you!

  2. Thanks so much, wife-in-law! FaceTime date soon? #DoesLouieRememberMe?!


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