What's Been Happening Lately: July Edition

Oh hey! It's been awhile! Let's dive in, shall we?
What I'm Drinking: Rose all day in these parts. I found a sparkling rose in cans at Trader Joe's, which came in handy on a recent tubing trip. Also diving into boxed wine which is a delight when you want a demure crisp glass of wine on a hot day. 
What I'm Loving: The summer weather here. Yes, we've had a few days of unbearable heat and humidity, but they've been short-lived for the most-part. Fingers crossed it stays that way! 
Also, my office is getting remodeled at the moment, so we're all telecommuting until after Labor Day. I am already loving my super casual wardrobe, lack of make-up, lack of commute, and slightly later wake-up time. And I like to think Leo likes having me around too haha.
What I'm Reminiscing About: Summers of yore, when they were full of weddings, lots of trips, and bus parties in Houston. 
What I'm Reading:
Well, a lot of things. But most notably, I just read A Man Called O…

Harry + Meghan

My love of all things British Royalty runs deep. I won't bore you with the number of magazine covers I had with Prince William on them. How long I kept his wedding to Kate on my DVR. How many times I've seen The King's Speech. How many books I've read about the Royal Family (three).

So, needless to say, I was ALL IN for the wedding on Saturday. Woke up early. Watched with friends. Had English Muffins. Drank champagne.

I admit, I thought we'd be alert for the arrival of celebrities and other royals, and then tune out the ceremony. However, I was rather blown away by the whole thing. The mingling of American and British touches. The nods to Meghan's heritage. Oprah sitting 10 feet from the Queen.

Have no idea what I'm referring to? Here are some resources:

Go Fug Yourself's Guide: This is honestly the best wrap-up EVER.

NPR: A Royal Wedding Worth Watching

Why is this a big deal? Some resources:

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wed, a New Era Dawns


Travel Tuesday: Take a Seat

The airline I fly the most, Southwest, doesn't have assigned seats. You get a boarding position, but as soon as you're on board, any seat is fair game. I don't mind this, but it really stresses some people out.

In case you were wondering, I have THOUGHTS about seats on planes, and they have changed over the years.

I can never pigeon-hole myself as "aisle-only" or "window-only". This really depends on the flight and if I checked luggage (which I rarely do). Nine times out of ten, I am a window person. I rarely have to get up during a flight, and I kind of hate having to get up for other people. Also, I fall asleep almost instantly, so fellow passengers have the awkward task of trying to wake me up if they need to get out. When am I an aisle person? When I didn't check a bag, it's a short-ish flight and I know upon landing I will want to GTFO the plane. When am I a middle person?. NEVER EVER. I had the great fortune/misfortune of flying in bulkhead…

Friday Feelings

A bit of a kitchen sink post here. It's Friday, what can I say?

--I dont't generally rejoice at others' misfortunes. But one area I do: parking tickets. In DC, nothing snarls traffic during rush hour like some yahoo parked in a "rush hour-no parking" lane, reducing a two lane road down to one. When I drive by that car, cursing their owner, and see a pink parking ticket, I feel like there is justice in the world. See also: when someone with Maryland or Virginia plates is parked in my neighborhood on our resident-only streets.

--In looking at my closet, I realize that I've taken my last closet purges rather seriously. As in, I don't have that much clothing haha (granted, I still have a lot of clothing, but not nearly as much as I used to!). I had to fight the urge to go on a mini-shopping spree, and instead re-signed up for Le Tote [referral link for a free month]. Le Tote is clothing rental, so I keep items for as long as I want, or send them back immediat…

What's Been Happening Lately

What I'm drinking We're still having winter weather in the DC area (it's April 9, for crying out loud), so I haven't made my transition to white wine yet (nor my spring/summer perfume). So I'm basically vacillating between red wine and light beers. 
What I'm Loving Being a dog mom. Going on three months with Leo in my life and I have few complaints.  
What I'm reminiscing about My first few months in DC. Now that I'm five years in, it's a trip to look back on. We all partied a LOT more, to say the least. 

What I'm Reading I just finished All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. It's "sci-fi lite", about time travel, when a guy who lives in the futuristic 2016 ends up in OUR 2016 and can't figure out how to fix it. The GoodReads reviews are a bit mixed, mainly from people who wanted more science-y things and less of the human interest aspect. But I enjoyed it a lot. 
What I've been up to For once, not traveling, haha. I didn't se…

Being a Dog Mom

I've had Leo the dog for two months now. And it's been, actually, pretty great. Not to say we didn't have a few bumps in the road (is he now on anti-anxiety meds? Yes, yes he is). So, this is basically a brain dump about the ins-and-outs of being a dog mom, highs-and-lows if you will.

1. Nothing makes a stranger feel like they can approach someone like a dog. Things people stop me and Leo to talk about:

    --a dog he reminds them of
    --their dog
    --how old he is (I get a lot of "he's going to be big!" He's 6 years old. He's done growing)
    --the breed of dog he looks like (this varies wildly)
    --what owning a dog in DC is like
    --dog park recommendations
    --dog rescue group recommendations
    --not talk about anything, just shriek and coo over Leo

2. I thought I would get annoyed about taking him outside. But, while sometimes our timing doesn't align (like when he wants to go outside but I just got out of the shower), it really …

My Make-Up Routine, Part 2, Night-Out

Part 1, aka the base make-up I wear is here

Now, what if I have a "night out"? Basically, it's everything mentioned before plus:
--Bronzer: I don't have a favorite, I've gotten samples and a few in my FabFitFun box. I'll use this on the sides of my face, sides of my forehead, and under my jawline
--Eyeliner: I swap out my drugstore one for this Marc Jacobs jet black one. It goes on too thick for it to be a daytime one (and black eyeliner is not a good daytime look for me).This was a sample. Don't know that I'll replace it when it runs out as I don't really need this.
--Highlighter: I use a few different thingsas a highlighter, but a sample of this is what got me on the highlighter train. I follow this diagram:

--A Bold Lip: my old roommate (who was a guy) could never remember what this was called, and would say "your intense lip, your serious lip, what's it called?!". My gateway to a bold lip was NARS Charlotte (there's a theme here, …