Travel Tuesday: Anatomy of a Travel Blitz

As I mentioned earlier, I had originally thought this would be an "in town" summer. I had some travel planned towards the end, but thought I would spend the majority of my weekends in DC, hanging out with friends. As it turns out, June is the only month of the year I won't be on a plane.

My summer travels:

Dallas Wedding: I've become the master of 36 or less hours in Dallas (having done this three times in the past three months). I had two weddings on the same day, both of close college friends, and both in different states. So, in the middle of July I woke up at 6 a.m. on a Friday for an MRI (good times) (I'm fine), went to the rehearsal dinner for the DC wedding that night, then woke up at 4:15 on Saturday morning to take a 6 a.m. flight to Dallas. Luckily, I am a champ at sleeping on planes, so I logged a good two hours before landing. Spent the morning with my parents and then got my hair done and proceeded to spend the afternoon and evening with a gaggle of co…

What's Been Happening, September 2017

What I'm drinking I'm in the tail end of white wine and rose season, and savoring every last minute of it. Realized that at a wedding over Labor Day weekend, I only drank wine and, um, cocktails (save for maybe one beer?) over a four-day event. We have fall weather here now and red wine season will be upon us soon enough! 
What I'm Loving I notice that what I said last time I posted this was I was looking forward to being in town for most of the summer. HA! That changed (another post to come on that). But, I'm currently loving Pilates class. The last time I did Pilates was a mat class in college (which I did hungover, thinking it was like yoga--do you remember this, A? You laughed when I said I could do it. It was painful). However, pilates reformer classes have been surprisingly hard and empowering. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger throughout class. And the studio is half a block from my apartment (city living FTW). 
What I'm reminiscing about Visits to Ho…

Travel Tuesday: Three Days in Amsterdam

Writing that title made me think of the song "One Night in Bangkok". This trip was not close to that song though.

Amsterdam was on my list of cities to visit for a long time. I'd originally tried to pair it with another city, but honestly couldn't find a good time to take a week off from work, given all the other travel I have planned this year. So I started to think a long weekend in Amsterdam would be a good idea. When the right airfare presented itself, I pounced!

Here's my Amsterdam itinerary and my recommendations/thoughts from the trip.
Arrived late morning on Friday, checked into my hotel, took a long shower (had been traveling for like 20 hours at that point). Then, I went out and began my time in Amsterdam. 
First, I should point out that I did my research and had a list of things I wanted to see in Amsterdam, which included Anne Frank's House, the Van Gogh Museum, a canal tour, and a walking tour. I'd bought Rick Steves' book on Amsterdam an…

Friday Favorite: July Edition--Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

If you know me IRL, you likely know my love of musicals. Movie musicals, stage musicals, High School Musical, I love them all (well, most, I do have standards).

So it may come as a surprise that I wasn't into Hamilton yet. I really wanted to wait and see it "live" before getting all into the soundtrack. I snagged a ticket to a matinee performance next month (purchased in, you know, NOVEMBER, when it first went on sale) and said I would go in "fresh". Many friends tried to persuade me to listen beforehand, but I didn't want anything "spoiled". Finally, my college roommate convinced (hi, Coop!), and I bought the soundtrack a few weeks ago.
It is better than I ever could have DREAMED. And it's all a true story. 
I feel like you can break the wonder that is Hamilton down into two equally impressive components: the story: Hamilton's life, his role in the Revolution and early days of the country, and honestly just the way everythin…

Travel Tuesday: All Hail the Google Doc

I'm in the midst of packing for a spur-of-the-moment international trip, and thought to myself "What did I pack for Greece way back when?" (As in, um, 2015). Then I remembered I made a Google Doc for that trip and dug it out.

Guys. Whatever you do. Make packing lists for big trips in a Google Doc. You'll have it forever and it's great to reference.

I remember that I sent the link to my Greece packing list to more than one friend, both ones going on that trip (at which point, one of my travel companions pointed out I would need more than 7 pairs of undies), and to other people who didn't know where to start in terms of their own trip planning.

So needless to say, I've repurposed this doc for my upcoming trip. The doc is arranged as follows:

Sheet 1: Clothing (really, this is everything you're going to pack that you're going to wear or use to get ready in the morning or at night)
Column 1 (Sections)
Non-Dresses (like shorts and tops)

Link Love

I've been keeping a running list of articles to share, and I feel like I've hit a critical mass, so time to share these before they become too outdated:

How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don't Like Conflict
I maintain that the one thing that ruins most relationships is a lack of communication or poor communication. For me, a lot of that has been avoiding conflict--why stir up trouble or negative things when you can just suppress them until you explode? That's healthy, right? I feel like this article is a good roadmap for how to get those conversations started. And also, stop waiting for the right time. There is never a right time.

I've blogged before of my love for the podcast Still Buffering. Two of the three sisters on the podcast are based in Huntington, WV, and the youngest (16-year-old Rileigh) was profiled in their local paper. I feel old saying "she's a good kid" but she really does seem like it. I want to send the parents a gold star…

Travel Tuesday: Before I Go

This week's Travel Tuesday is stemming from a fairly terrible Business Insider article I read about what "successful" people do before a trip. It included things like "charge devices" and "double-check reservations". Um. I feel like this is something everyone does before trips. So, here are some perhaps unique things I do before a trip.
Change My Sheets: Clean Sheet Day is the BEST DAY, amiright?! If I'm going to be gone for more than 3-4 days, I change my sheets the morning I leave, so I come home to clean sheets. Coming home is usually a downer, and you're kind of tired, and having clean sheets makes the whole trip back better. 
Take Out the Trash: This should be a no-brainer, but this is kind of necessary. It can take me up to a week or more to fill a trash bag (#recycling #studioliving) and I swear my trash never smells during that time, but whenever I go out of town, it's real necessary. 
Start the Dishwasher: Even if there's like 5 …